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Ironman 4x4 Camp Stretcher Brand: Ironman 4x4 Code: IQFS001

Ironman 4x4 Camp Stretcher

$161.00 Brand: Ironman 4x4 Code: IQFS001
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The Ironman 4x4 Quick-Fold stretcher is an essential addition for a perfect night sleep. Head to bed for a relaxing sleep on the new quick-fold stretcher. Literally folds out in 2 seconds, this is the quickest fold out stretcher on the market and will easily accommodate your Swag Bag sleeping bag. Try it for yourself, you will not believe how quick and easy this stretcher is to set up, or pack up. Slide into bed with ease, without the need to crawl around on the ground. Strong steel frame construction with soft, durable but heavy duty material will ensure a perfect nights sleep for many, many years. Features: • Opens and folds in 2 seconds • Heavy duty material construction • High strength steel frame • Integrated foot and head padding • Includes carrybag for easy storage and portability
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Truracks Western Towbars and Bullbars

We offer premium bull bars, roof racks, and camping gear at Truracks Western Towbars.

With the best selection of bull bars, roof racks, and towbars in Penrith, Sydney, Truracks Western Towbars & Bullbars is a leading provider of quality bull bars, roof racks, and heavy duty tow bars.

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