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Class 4 Towbar

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Hayman Reese Towbars

bash plates and protected trailer plug mounting points that will keep your vehicle going when the worst happens.

Heavy Duty Towbars (Class 4)

This class 4 heavy duty towbar comes with a 50 x 50 mm square hitch receiver. Typically rated to the vehicle’s maximum towing capacity, these heavy duty towbars are a must have for towing caravans, boats, horse floats or tradesmen trailers.

Our range of heavy duty Hayman Reese towbars also features a removable Trailer Ball Mount. When you aren’t towing, simply remove the retaining clip and hitch pin, and the Trailer Ball Mount slides straight out.

Hitch Lamp Protector (HLP) Towbars

The HLP is a lamp and body protector combined with a heavy duty Hitch Receiver Towbar. It is built to provide rear body and lamp protection for commercial vehicles that are used to tow heavy trailers. The TBM can be removed when not in use.


What is MetalShield™?

Unique to the towbars Hayman Reese manufactures, MetalShield™ is the best surface protection product on the market. Using the latest Eletrocoating (E-coat) and powder coat technologies, MetalShield™ helps stop rust, resists fading and flaking, and prevents other issues caused by exposure to the elements.

This means Hayman Reese towbars look like new for longer – which is especially important for vehicles with exposed towbars.

Is MetalShield™ Better Than Paint?

Yes, much better, as it is completely automated and produces a uniform coating every time.

We strip-off any surface contamination back to bare metal using shot blasting that can also reduce welding stress due to manufacturing. Then, the towbar is electrically charged as part of the E-coat process to encourage adhesion. After oven drying, the product is then powder coated and oven dried again to fully cure the coating to ensure maximum strength and durability.

What Products Use MetalShield™?

All of our Hayman Reese towbars, rear protection bars and cargo barriers are protected with MetalShield™.

Whether it is a light-duty towbar (class 2) or a heavy-duty towbar (class 4) you can be assured that they all provide complete protection against the elements.

MetalShield™ is one of the reasons why Hayman Reese towbars come with a lifetime warranty to give customers complete peace of mind

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