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Hayman Reese

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Hayman Reese Cargo Barriers

Hayman Reese design cargo barriers with advanced impact analysis software to ensure our products are capable of withstanding the brutal Australian Standard testing requirements, delivering a product of the highest quality.

New Generation Cargo Barriers

Hayman Reese has been making quality towing and vehicle protection solutions for over 60 years. The premium Hayman Reese range of Cargo Barriers will suit most popular passenger vehicles with more in development.

Designed to ensure your safety whilst achieving a minimal and aesthetically pleasing appearance, each Hayman Reese Cargo Barrier features:

  • Interior trim plugs to cover up unsightly drilling holes for when you decide to remove the unit.
  • Diminishing grid spacing providing maximum visibility and extra dense reinforcement in the high impact zone.
  • Dual positioning offering the flexibility of placing the unit where you need it the most (on selected vehicles).
  • An escape mechanism to increase safety and prevent hazards (on models with no internal opening latch).


Each Hayman Reese cargo barrier is drop tested to simulate the impact of driving your vehicle into a solid brick wall at 48km/h.

The test works by dropping weights up to 200 kg onto a cargo barrier from 4m high, a devastating effect which only the most robust of designs can survive.

By measuring the mesh distortion and anchorage system damage after the drop test is executed, only then will the safest design be released to market.

Hayman Reeses’ extensive testing, measurement, inspection and calibration development facilities have resulted in NATA accreditation to AS-ISO/IEZ 17025 – 2005. NATA (The National Association of Testing Authorities) is Australia’s national laboratory accreditation authority.