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Interior Fridge Slides

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Buy a Car Fridge Slide

Make your outdoor adventures easier with an industrial grade car fridge slide. Truracks Western Towbars & Bullbars offers a wide range of sturdy, durable and practical drop down fridge slides that outdoor enthusiasts can take on their weekend getaways Our options are ideal for securing your appliances when your vehicle is on the move as well as making the loading and unloading process quicker and easier. We deal with brands like Ironman 4x4, MSA & Clearview (MSA & Clearview coming soon!) Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty car fridge slide or a slide with extra features, we have you covered. Drop down fridge slides are highly recommended accessories for anyone that loves camping and needs quick and easy access to their camping fridge.

Why Fridge Slides Are Recommended

Easy to Use

A fridge slide is designed to make it simpler and safer to lower your fridge to more easily gain access to its contents. A fridge drop slide is made to effortlessly slide out from its stowed position and be lowered in a safe and easy motion.

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