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Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell - Performance Shock Front Brand: Ironman 4x4 Code: 24745FE

Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell - Performance Shock Front

$262.00 Brand: Ironman 4x4 Code: 24745FE
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Ironman 4×4 FoamCell shock absorbers take things up a notch. In addition to unique Foam Cell technology, Foam Cell shocks are a larger diameter, which when combined with the foam cell, allows the oil more contact with a greater surface area of the shock, which in turn provides better cooling. Foam Cell shocks also have a larger rod and piston which makes them even more robust and allows for greater valving by our suspension specialists.

Foam Cell shock absorbers are great for people who hope to hit a few dirt roads at highway speeds for long periods, tow off-road or tend to have a heavier-than-usual load from time to time. Shock absorbers and struts work harder on heavier vehicles, with more movement generating more heat! A bigger shock absorber with greater cooling capacity is a worthy upgrade.

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Truracks Western Towbars and Bullbars

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