MSA 4X4 Accessories

MSA 4X4 Accessories

MSA 4X4 pride themselves on their original products which include the world first, revolutionary patented Drop Slide, the new patented MSA 4X4 Towing Mirror with its unique pivot design that allows the mirrors to maintain their normal everyday position dimensions, whilst allowing for easy further extension, the patented Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System which delivers a whole new level of access to the drawer contents, the Fridge Barrier system, the original Water Bra, fully adjustable Air Lumbar Support systems, and an extensive range of 4WD accessories that have stood the test of time.

Air Lumbar Support Systems

MSA 4X4’s Patented Air Lumbar Support System provides adjustable support where and when you need it most!

Previously only available in expensive sport seats, now you can install a fully adjustable system to suit yourself, to your vehicle’s standard seats. The system has been designed for quick and easy installation, allowing you to transfer it between different vehicles with ease.

With a fully adjustable air inflated bladder insert, you can position the support to suit you perfectly. You can even install up to 4 bladders for multiple support zones, the bladders attach internally with Velcro. As we are all different, the air valve allows you to inflate as much or as little air support to suit your day.

Now you can relax at the end of the day and enjoy it pain free!

Bags and Organisers

MSA offers a wide range of bags and organisers that allow you to maximise your storage space as well as keeping your gear safe and organised.

MSA Premium Canvas Seat Covers

MSA 4×4 Canvas Seat Covers now include a patented integrated fully adjustable Air Lumbar Support System on selected models. The integrated Air Lumbar Support provides adjustable Lumbar Support where and when you need it most.

4×4 Storage Drawer Systems

One of the lightest drawer systems ever made, the ADR Crash Test Certified MSA 4X4 Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer System boasts more storage space than most other systems with the same outside dimensions! Patented “Pro-Glide” technology smoothly handles up to 250kg per pair of drawers providing smooth opening under heavy loads as well as 100% drawer extension and access. The entire drawer comes out further than the frame! No hard to reach items in our drawers and no unpacking of contents to reach items at the back!

Fridge Barrier Systems

The new MSA 4X4 Fridge Barrier Range is tough, durable and eye-catching, and delivers the perfect solution to protect your fridge from any loose gear packed around it!

Store your accessories safely and securely around the Fridge Barrier and at the same time, protect your fridge from any loose gear! No more unpacking the car to access your fridge!

4WD Fridge Drop Slides

Lighter. Stronger. Safer. Smarter. The Drop Slide slides out from its stowed position and lowers a full 30cm in one smooth, safe and easy motion, enabling the platform to remain in a perfectly horizontal position the whole time. It allows for unrestricted access to your fridge at a safe level with ease, before raising the slide in one very light and easy motion back into its stowed position.

Side Drop Slide models are also available which are designed for specific applications where your Drop Slide is better suited sideways, as the vehicle doesn’t have enough depth for a standard Drop Slide to be installed.

Fridge Straight Slides

Australian designed and engineered to handle our harsh outback touring needs, the MSA 4X4 Fridge Straight Slide is a simple and versatile, yet convenient solution to access your fridge contents.

Side Fridge Slide models are also available, which are designed for specific applications where your Fridge Slide is better suited sideways in applications already at a low height that a Drop Slide would not be required.

Rear Wheel Bags & Bins

MSA offers both rear wheel bins and bags. MSA’s Rear Wheel Rubbish Bin is the original and the best. This is the perfect rear wheel accessory to free up storage space inside the vehicle and keep the mess outside! MSA 4X4’s Rear Wheel Bag is a great way to increase storage opportunities while saving space inside the vehicle! This versatile 55L bag is manufactured from extremely heavy duty Oxford Nylon.

Tourer and Basket Packs

MSA 4X4’s Tourer and Basket Packs are the perfect way to increase storage possibilities during travel while freeing up space inside your vehicle! Manufactured from heavy duty 15oz canvas, the Tourer Packs allow you to pack those bulkier items such as tables and chairs, tents, swags etc, without having to sacrifice other gear in the process! The packs are easy to use and come fully equipped with an adjustable 50mm seat belt harness system and lockable YKK chunky zips with double metal sliders on 3 sides of the bag. They also feature a removable 100% waterproof cover for extra protection against the elements and when travelling through the bush.

Water Bra

The bra is designed to be placed over the front of your vehicle before a water crossing to prevent expensive damage to your engine and electronics.