Torqit Performance

Torqit Performance Module

Torqit Performance Modules unleash the power, torque and efficiency that are lost through factory programming of your vehicles onboard computer.

Dependent upon the module you choose, torqit Performance Modules will increase your engines power, torque and fuel efficiency by adjusting the fueling of your engine through changes to either the fuel pressure or the injection pulse length. These improvements are especially noticeable when towing heavy loads.

Torqit Performance Modules suit a wide range of diesel vehicles not only within the Agriculture, Transport, Commercial and Marine industries.

Every Torqit Performance Module is specifically programmed for your model, make and engine type, installation is seamless and fast as the module is simply plugged into existing factory componentry.

Bundling the Torqit Performance Module with other Torqit products such as the Torqit Performance Exhaust and Pedal torq is an excellent way to maximise the power, torque and fuel efficiency improvements the modules provide.

Torqit knows that one size doesn’t fit all, that’s why they take pride in being the only company in Australia to stock the largest range of performance modules for diesel vehicles. We believe that your vehicle should be fitted with a Performance module customised to suit your vehicle make and model.

  • 5 year warrany*
  • Torqit warrant covers your vehicle for the life of the new vehicle warranty*
  • Improves vehicle power, torque and drivability
  • Extensive product range to suit a majority of turbo diesel vehicles
  • Maximises power and torque when coupled with other Torqit enhancement products
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Extensively tested for Australian conditions
  • Provides more torque when towing heavy loads (caravans, horse floats, boats and trailers)
  • Performance Modules are backed and supported by the Torqit Technical Team.

    * Call for further information