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Side Step

Side Steps

Ironman 4x4 Side steps are steps that are specially made to help drivers and passengers to enter and exit a vehicle that’s high above the ground. These steps make entering and exiting a vehicle far easier and more comfortable. As a trusted supplier of Ironman 4x4 side steps in Australia, Truracks Western Towbars & Bullbars has an extensive selection of both van and ute side steps for sale at highly affordable prices. Our 4x4 side step products are of the highest quality, made from sturdy and durable materials that comply with Australian manufacturing standards.

Why Ironman 4x4 Side Steps Are Recommended


Side steps help drivers and passengers get inside vehicles that are high off the ground and therefore more difficult to get in and out of. Not only do they provide a safer way to enter or exit a vehicle, but they also make it a much more comfortable experience.

Improved Protection

Ironman 4x4 Side steps can provide valuable protection for the sides of your vehicle against anything that could bump, scratch or chip it especially offroad.

Superior Materials

Truracks Western Towbars & Bullbars we supply highest quality Ironman 4x4 Side Steps Australia wide. Our steps are made from superior quality steel for ultimate durability, longevity and protection.

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