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Ultra Vision Nitro Maxx LED Lightbar 255w Brand: Ultra Vision Code: DVM255LEDW

Ultra Vision Nitro Maxx LED Lightbar 255w

$1099.00 Brand: Ultra Vision Code: DVM255LEDW
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The new Nitro Maxx range of light bars now have boosted performance, with the updated 255W LED light bar delivering an increased beam distance of 64%. The Nitro light bars have become a hugely popular addition to the Nitro Maxx range. Featuring the Widr® optic for width and a Contrl® optic for distance, the Nitro Light Bar takes performance to another level. Hi/Lo function provides you with an even greater amount of flexibility in a range of driving conditions. The Hi-Beam function utilises all the LEDs in the light bar using 5700k temperature LEDs: Perfect for open road driving. The Lo-Beam function uses only the spread optics with warmer, 4500k LEDs, reducing glare on road signs and fog. Both side and base mounts are available, ensuring that fitment is simple in any application. A wiring harness and anti-theft nuts are supplied with each bar. Please specify base or side mounting at the time of ordering.

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Truracks Western Towbars and Bullbars

We offer premium bull bars, roof racks, and camping gear at Truracks Western Towbars.

With the best selection of bull bars, roof racks, and towbars in Penrith, Sydney, Truracks Western Towbars & Bullbars is a leading provider of quality bull bars, roof racks, and heavy duty tow bars.

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